Smart Wind 2020 Will no longer take place

Why an online event?

We’re looking forward to hosting events on our new online platform. We know you’ll welcome the opportunity to feel connected to your peers and fully engage with speakers and content from the comfort of your chosen work space. You’ll be able to ask questions during sessions and build essential connections through our app’s networking function during networking breaks. 

As well as taking part in the live event you’ll be able to go back and review all the action for up to 3 months.

There is no better time to immerse yourself in the world of online events.



Digitalisation priorities in the wind sector are being redefined from collection, to innovation. As the cost of wind energy continues to fall and with the EU looking to increase their renewable energy capacity targets by over 50%, it is more important than ever for the wind industry to unlock their vast data sets and become global leaders in the digital space.

Join us at Smart Wind to find out the latest digital developments from owner-operators, OEMs and data strategy experts from the largest and most innovative companies operating in Europe. At this digital conference, you will discover what tools and technology are revolutionising wind farm analytics, and learn how to secure your data and deploy smart technology throughout your business.


Join us and...


Explore the current state of digitalisation in the wind sector and learn techniques to improve data integration and develop your assets data roadmap.​


Go beyond the ‘spreadsheet’ and learn how to use big data for predictive and preventative strategies that can help reduce costs and optimise your assets performance. ​


Uncover the cyber threats and challenges that are facing the wind industry and learn how to build effective security for your assets. Whether it be internal or external risks.


Help you strip away the hype and focus on what technology you can implement today to streamline your operations. Find how wind energy is being improved through AI, deep learning, and the Internet of Things.