Smart Wind Forum

What to expect at Smart Wind 2020

Smart Wind brings together owner-operators with OEMs and data strategy experts to discuss the risk vs. reward of digitalisation, the implication for data management and latest innovations in the IOT and data management sector. 

In 2019, Smart Wind brought together senior industry leaders to discuss:

  • How you can reduce OPEX with data management and analytics of already collected data
  • What is the best practice for implementing a digitalisation strategy across several departments
  • How to identify and manage digital systems risk

Our sessions considered and answered the following topics:

  • From digitisation to digitalisation – beyond gathering data from sensors and into using data to drive decisions
  • Bringing together environmental and performance data via enterprise asset management to optimise power generation
  • How to use enterprise asset management programs to generate faster reports from large quantities of data
  • How can you fuse SCADA and CMS data for fault detection?
  • Mitigating vulnerability of wind turbine SCADA systems to cyber attacks
  • Avoiding trial-and-error implementation of new technology with a cautious, step-by-step strategy
  • Developing digital solutions specific to the requirements of wind farms
  • Using artificial intelligence to analyse performance and environmental data, both historical and live, to predict power generation
  • Refining algorithms for optimised forecasting and how to forecast energy market prices for a better price per kW/h
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