What options do you have?

Unfortunately we have had to take the decision to cancel the Smart Wind conference on the 19th of May. We hope you understand and in an effort to support you and your teams we’d like to offer you 2 options:



Asset Life Optimisation is a dedicated digital forum, providing you with expert advice on how to maximise your asset’s lifetime economic performance. Learn from real world case studies and discover strategies from top level energy professionals, including owner-operators, developers, investment fund managers and industry specialists.



DATE: 17-18 JUNE

This digital event will deliver insights on the macro changes for the global offshore market. Our focused and technical content will consider the developments in offshore foundations and floating technology, as well as their implications for the vessels and access sector. 


How it works

We understand that this is a change from the norm for many of you. With face to face events currently on hold due to the current situation our platform delivers a live event and everything you get from a live event (except coffee!) in a user friendly way. 

Accessing the platform is so simple:

  1. Buy your ticket and secure your spot for the online event 
  2. 1 week prior to the event you’ll receive an email with joining instructions
  3. This link will direct you to a login page
  4. Once you have logged in you will be able to explore the platform, edit your profile, and increase your exposure to the other attendees. 
  5. All you have to do after that is save the link so you can return on the day to access all of the features including content, networking and much more. 

Please note you will get the link to our platform once we have received payment for your ticket. Please contact conferences@haymarket.com if you are having trouble paying for your ticket.


I'm not familiar with online events

If this is your first time using a digital platform then do not worry. We’ve all been there and sometimes new technology can be daunting. We have ensured that all areas are covered.

Contact conferences@haymarket.com and they’ll be able to help get you started.

Don’t worry, at the beginning of each day there will be welcome remarks which will include how to use the features on the app and how to ask questions throughout the day.

There is a how-to guide on the app offering step by step tips and trouble shooting. This is available at all times.

If you are still having trouble then you can drop a message to the event organisers through a live chat on the app team.